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Search Engine Placement

From my experience with Search Engine Placement you never know what to expect. There is no one sound rule on getting to the top.  Its different with every keyword. Some low competition keywords have some pretty steep competitors. Thats where having a good SEO company comes in.  Let them deal with the dirty work and you do easier stuff like social marketing.  What business owner wants to submit to search engines all day and build links.  Its always a lot of researching and testing things out. It really takes more time then people would like to think.  I give a lot of respect to the techies that tweak and tweak till they get the best results.  Search Engine Placement is all about consistency.  When your doing something right you can’t stop, because someone always wants your spot.  Competition has a lot to do with your competitors knowledge of the search engines.  On keywords where people have low experience, its easier to get placement.  There are unlimited possibilities with Search Engine Placement.  There will never be a shortage on keywords, products, or the ways of describing them.  Thats what makes the internet so great.  Search Engine Placement is everything though, if your not on the top two pages you won’t do much business.

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Affordable SEO Services

Affordability Of SEO

When it comes to pricing SEO services there is a lot of criteria you want to look at.  For one, what am I getting for what I paid for.  You always want to have an idea of what the end result is going to be. Companies buy SEO services with the expectation of getting traffic to their website.  You definitely want to understand your target market and its potential size.  Estimating your market is smart because you’ll have a good idea of what your ROI is going to be.  The general rule that applies to SEO is that you get what you pay for, as this is true with many things.  The person that is usually searching for Affordable SEO Services has a limited budget but wants to get started.  This is not a bad thing, but you want to make sure you get the most value for you buck.  

Finding Affordable SEO Services

You want to choose a SEO Company that has good examples of what they did for previous clients.  If an SEO Company can get you on the top of the search engine with a limited budget it typically wont be for many keywords.  Some keywords are always better than none, but you shouldn’t expect to make tons of money unless they those keywords are highly sought after.  There is time value in keywords though.  When looking for Affordable SEO Services don’t make the mistake of buying programs that don’t have a monthly service charge.  The monthly service charge is usually set in place to keep you listed on your keywords.  The competition on keywords is always rising, and keeping your keywords on the top should no be a factor overlooked searching for Affordable SEO Services.  The way to make money is to always be coming up on searches when you keywords are typed.  Remember, ever time you keywords are searched and you don’t come up is a missed opportunity.  Many times people have to re-search because what they are looking for isn’t coming up.  Think of your keywords as a good friend that you can always find when you need them.

Don’t Be Cheap

If you find Affordable SEO Services that fit your budget and you have good company to work with, don’t be cheap.  It will cost you in the long run.  Don’t buy the cheapest packages.  Buy packages the have the most value for what you can afford.  You know your budget more than anyone, so don’t be shy.  Tell SEO companies what you would be willing to pay.  A lot of SEO companies will be flexible with prices if you are honest and reasonable with them.  Its ok to barter, after all there are a lot of SEO companies out there that would love to do the work for you.  And if you do get a low program you can always upgrade later after your start seeing your ROI.  Buy from a company that has your interest in hand, its good to form a long relationship with your SEO firm.  I can’t think of any SEO firm that would be upset upgrading its clients.

Some Assistance In Your Affordable SEO Search

If your looking for Affordable SEO Services tell me what you seen and what you’ve be quoted I can definitely let you know if you going in the right direction.  You can reach me at (206) 339-7988.

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SEO Promotion

Why SEO Promotion Is A Good Thing

SEO can be used as an excellent promotional tool.  How many other promotional tools can you put in front of the entire world for a long time?  Just think about that for a second.  How long will a series about a scandal last on television?  Maybe no longer that 3 weeks, then its back to other news.  Can most people afford to do a television broadcast?  No definitely not.  So why do so many companies not understand that they need SEO.  When something can make you money, get it while its hot.  Yes, get it while its hot because it might not be there for a long time.  And I say this because its like everything else, when you miss out, the opportunity is gone and you gave it to some one else who simply wanted it more.  Here is one thing I’ve never seen in my 5 years of experience in internet business.  Someone who didn’t do well after investing a lot into SEO.  All I see is excellent traffic and high sales and all that would be attributed to good SEO.  SEO Promotion is something to be excited about.  The internet is the new media, its the next revolution in business.  You got to be as much apart of is as you can now so you can survive in the future.  If you have any questions about SEO Promotion and what it can do for you business you can call me at (206) 339-7988.

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Cold Calling SEO Companies

What’s All The Fuss About?

Why is the SEO Industry so shady? Why does every SEO company think they know everything about the major search engines? Can we all just get along. Everywhere I go I see forums and blogs shooting down SEO practices and Cold Calling SEO Companies. There is just way to many haters in this industry. Come on folks the SEO industry shouldn’t be in the same league as MLM and Get Rich Quick Schemes. This is a legit industry, we help make businesses a lot of money with their websites. All the people that feel that they have an “Elite SEO Company” need to focus on their clients success and not other companies practices. Cold Calling or No Cold Calls, its all the same game, everybody has to show the results in the end. There is a lot of Good Cold Calling SEO Companies that get their clients on top pages.

Its All The Same Game

The companies that hate on Cold Calling SEO are the ones that are losing money to them. With the internet you have to be aggressive or no money will get made. Thats the approach the Cold Calling Companies take. The techies spend their time optimizing pages and get incoming calls. Both companies have to put a lot of effort in these sales tactics. The Cold Calling SEO Companies need to make sure they have a good sales force intact. While the techies have to spend a lot of time and resources on their own marketing as well as their clients. One tactic is not definitely not better than the other. They both require their fair share of blood sweat and tears. I respect both forms of SEO Sales and I look forward to seeing who will be the best SEO companies in the years to come.

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Search Engine Consulting

Search Engine Overview

Search Engine Consulting is a fairly new field of expertise that has arisen at the dawn of the search engines. As the search engines continue to developed their algorithms, many websites find themselves lost in the realm of cyberspace.  After all, the main way anyone would find a website online is through the search engines. So if you can’t be found, you don’t get traffic.  Many businesses that operate online use the search engines as a source of traffic.  If you heard of a business online that is making money online its mainly because people can find that site in a relevant search.  When running a business that relies on online traffic you always need a search engine strategy set in place.  This is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of online business.  Many people starting businesses online do not figure out how their going to get traffic to their website.  They seem to assume that all you need to is setup a website an it will automatically get traffic.  This is why Search Engine Consulting is so important.

How Search Engine Consulting Helps

Any online business that doesn’t have a plan for how they are going to market on the major search engines is bound to fail.  Search Engine Consulting helps online businesses come up with strategies for getting search engine traffic.  A good search engine consultant will ask questions and learn all the details about the business.  After they understand the business, they can determine what keywords would be the best for the business’s marketing campaign.  All search engine consultants should know target marketing is the key to a successful online business.  Every keyword has an average search volume and a certain number of competitors. Using these and other various other factors the search engine consultant has to determine which keywords are attainable for their client.

Learning Tips To Generate Traffic

Search Engine Consulting can go beyond just the marketing from the main website standpoint.  There are plenty of other ways of gaining traffic besides the major search engines.  Web masters can use blogs, forums, videos and many other forms of traffic generation.  A good search engine consultant will show their clients simple ways of generating traffic while their seo firm is doing the harder work.

Determining Products

Search Engine Consulting can also help with determining what products a company should carry.  There are many instances where a company is not carrying a product that is highly search in their field.  A seo consultant can help by point out these products that might have been overlooked.

Does your business need Search Engine Consulting?

Search Engine Consulting is a necessity for a business that wants to get search engine exposure and doesn’t have experience doing so.  If you have questions about SEO and need some free consultation, feel free to give me a call at (206) 339-7988 SEO Coach

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